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Mango Wood - Sustainable and Eco-Friendly for Home Decor

Mango trees are fast-growing with a limited lifespan for yielding the best fruit. These trees can grow to a height of 80 to 100 feet relatively quickly, unlike the big towering oaks of North America and Europe that can take 50 -100 years to mature.  Once these trees get too tall to easily harvest the fruit or stop bearing fruit altogether, they are harvested for timber and a new generation of trees is planted.  On sustainably managed farms, mango trees are replaced every seven to 15 years.

Grown in India, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Brazil, and even Australia, there’s no shortage of mango plantations.  Mango wood is, fundamentally, the by-product of an already thriving industry.  Now farmers are harvesting wood that was previously burnt or left to break down naturally.  This not only provides extra income to mango farmers but provides an affordable material that’s easy to work with and can be made to resemble conventional wood choices like oak, maple, and teak.

Mango tree wood is an eco-friendly choice for enjoying the fruit of the harvest twice.  As an alternative wood source to traditional furniture materials like oak and maple, mango wood is perfect.

Its wood has a range of colors from blonde to dark brown, with unique grain. Mango furniture can stand the wear and tear of time, but unlike traditional hardwood furniture, it’s more affordable and completely sustainable.

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