Picnic Time 605-10-509 Whiskey Box Gift Set

Every tradition and heirloom had to start somewhere, and you can start your own with The Whiskey Box, a dark and handsome solid oak chest with rustic nails and secure storage for your favorite 750mL whiskey bottle.

The Whiskey Box has been made to hold all of its contents securely in place, and has a large space to hold the whiskey bottle of your choice.

This boxed set comes with two 8-oz. heavy bottom lowball glasses, two sandstone coasters, and six soapstone whiskey stones to prevent watered-down whiskey.

Store the box somewhere safe or keep it on display, either way, this oak box will be a sturdy heirloom for decades to come.

  • Oak chest with pounded nails. (14" x 12" x 5")
  • A hollowed area in a box to fit a standard 750mL bottle of whiskey.
  • Components securely displayed.
  • Soapstone whiskey stones chill your drink without diluting it
  • 2 heavy bottomed 8oz lowball glasses,
  • 6 soapstone whiskey stones,
  • 2 soapstone coasters

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